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3 places you have to visit in Melbourne with kids


Keeping kids entertained during school holidays is a must. They want to explore and do different things with you. Today I am sharing the 3 places we have enjoyed the most with my kids during school holidays in Melbourne.

If you have school-aged kids, it’s possible that they have visited these places on school excursions, however, this is a unique opportunity for you to go with them and reinforce their knowledge while having some quality fun family time together. 

In the same way, if you have preschool kids or toddlers it is the perfect time to go with them. My two-year-old was amazed at all the things she saw and experienced, definitely, it was the right time to take her to visit these places.

Also, the weather is perfect right now, it’s not hot or cold, it’s just right. So, here are our 3 Top Places to visit in Melbourne with kids.

1. Werribee Zoo

Only a few kms from Melbourne, you can enjoy a different kind of zoo experience. You can enjoy a Safari trip with the whole family while admiring animals in their own habitat.


This is my favorite zoo of all, cozy, small and well maintained. It is so easy to walk around and visit all their sections in one day.


Our favorite spots:

Lions Lookout 


Hippo Playground


Open Areas


2. The Melbourne Aquarium

This place is fabulous. In the middle of the city, you and your kids can enjoy the best of the ocean while learning how to take care of our sea life. 



Everywhere you go you can hear all kids saying “wow” “look at this”. You will enjoy an amazing view seeing your favorite marine creatures.

One of our favorite areas, the Penguins, they are the cutest. 

3. The Melbourne Star

There is no better view of Melbourne than from the sky, you can literally see everything. We have visited this place twice with my little ones and they totally loved it. They couldn’t stop pointing at things and places. The view is excellent and quite relaxing; it is the perfect place to finish your Melbourne visit. Because after your visit you can do some shopping or have something to eat or drink in the shopping centre next door.




Hope you have enjoyed our photos and they have made you want to visit these 3 beautiful places in Melbourne. 

What is your favourite place in Melbourne or what is your next destination?

If you have any other question let me know in the comments.


Wander Women Abroad said...

What fun activities that the whole family can enjoy! The aquarium looks so amazing

Lydia Smith said...

Wow the zoo looks nice and even the aquarium. Seeing the stars is the best part. Am sure the kids will live this and the whole family as one.

Eli said...

That aquarium looks like such a cool spot! So does the Star. I love a spot with a good view. Can't wait to finally make it to Melbourne!

siennylovesdrawing said...

Love this post from you esp I love to travel, gonna check out this & hope I can travel with my little niece to overseas soon one day
Thanks so much for this lovely travel story with all lovely captures ��
cheers, siennylovesdrawing

Claire said...

OMG those lions are so cute as well as that frog! Good shots you took there. I always love going to zoos and aquariums when I'm in a new city

Fatima D Torres said...

Open areas are always a bonus at local attractions. More so when you have kids! Thanks for these suggestions.

Heather Barber McMechan said...

Our girls love learning about the ocean and its creatures. They're fun to watch through the glass.

Amy said...

I have never been to Melbourne but it looks so beautiful, just perfect to relax and refresh. Thanks for showing me another great place to add to my bucket list.

Suzanne said...

The zoo looks to be so much fun! I bet the kids enjoyed it thoroughly! xo, Suzanne