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Nobody knows what someone else’s life may be like. I recently bumped into a friend and during our conversation I told her that I had returned to university last year to persue my love for photography. She looked at me and said, Why did you need study? Do you want to go back to work? I looked at her and said, Well, thanks to this I have some clients already and I can manage my time, also, one day my children will grow up and I have to be prepared for that moment, it also keeps me active and makes me feel alive. 

My friend looked at me and her eyes filled with tears. She started telling me about her problems and her depression. One of them was that after having kids she stop studying and pretty much she has no work experience either. Her husband covers all her needs and extras, which is not bad, because they decided that one of them would work and the other would take care of the children. However, she does not feel useful, she thinks she is not good at all, she said "I'm a not smart, what could I study?" And the thought of one day if her husband leaves her, she would have nothing, that terrified her and has even led her to becoming depressed. 

Just like her, many women suffer in silence and what is worse they put up with things because they think they have no choice. Other mums after being at home doing repetitive tasks feeling useless and not seeing the thousands of opportunities that exists before them even without leaving their homes. 

So I decided to share the 5 reasons I told my friend why we should study something, continue studying what we started or pursuing that hobby that we love. 

5 Reasons why you should NEVER stop preparing yourselves 


No matter your age, it does not matter if you have 1 or 3 children or none. Studying helps you to feel better about yourself and to be more present than ever. Not only learning from what you study, from your actual course, but from the experiences of others. That's the most enriching thing about attending a class. You can do this while your kids are at kinder, school, day care. 


It is a moment for you, studying will give yourself the opportunity to feel active and productive. Focusing on what you like and enjoy. It will help your personal growth and mental health as well. Believe me if you are happy, your children and your husband will be happy too. 


If you have babies or toddlers at home, remember they will not be babies forever, when they will start school you will have a few mornings free so you can have a part time or maybe start your own business if you start preparing yourself now. Knowledge makes us free and better people. 

On the other hand if you kids have started school already, this is the perfect opportunity for you to start studying, the government offers different opportunities, for instant, if you live in Victoria there are hundreds of free TAFE courses you can have access to. 

And you do not necessarily have to go back to work or work for someone, you can be your own boss but even if you don’t want to do practice what you studied; any course or career will give you the knowledge to be able to talk with confidence and meet like-minded people. It even gives you more knowledge to help your children with their school tasks. 

You also lead by example for your children, if they see that even after having children you continue your personal and profesional development, first they will feel prouder of you than ever and second they will follow your example of continuing with their personal and professional growth, always. 


Universities now offer many opportunities, they even have crèche areas or let you to take your baby or toddlers with you, I am so grateful for this. Last year I was able to take my kids with me to all my classes and now they know more tech things than I do 😂

But the best part is that you can study without leaving home, online or remotely. There are many free online courses. 

It does not necessarily have to be something super academic, you can study some craft, some languages or even learn to code. Whatever you study, you will feel much better. 


Perhaps your passion is baking, making or designing pretty dresses. Nowadays there are many options like ETSY, the largest virtual platform for mums, where you can sell your products anywhere in the world. 

Also, if you decide to do it you can collaborate and achieve your family goals faster (such as paying your mortgage faster, have holidays or send your children to a better school). 

Then what are we waiting for? 

It does not matter if you did not finish college or university, you can now study something you like and enjoy. 

You are important, you can do it, you are worthy. Don’t care what others say or think about you. What matters is what you think of yourself and how you feel; Today is the day to take a break and evaluate what really makes you happy. I bet study will help you to discover this. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and share it with a mum you know needs to read this.


kumamonjeng said...

I cannot agree more for this post. Mom should have their own passion and hobbies and by having that, mom also set a good role model to their children to follow thier foot step, that is to persue whatever their look and work 100% toward the goal.

Kara said...

I re-trained in childcare which is the complete opposite of what I was doing - I think you should work in whatever job you feel passionate about

Stacie said...

I absolutely adore this! Just because you become a mom doesn't mean you lose all your hopes and dreams. We should always embrace our passions and teach our kids to do the same.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

I agree: being mom is tough and it's a job but it shouldn't limit, you should still study evolve and pursue the dreams

John Mulindi said...

Knowledge is power. Getting education is the way to gaining knowledge, I totally agree with you, that we can learn from anywhere, and that is why even mums should pursue learning from the comfort of their homes.

preet said...

I totally agree with you here, everyone should get a read of this

Jacque Hooper said...

I graduated college, held a career in property management, and then became a stay at home mom! While I was thrilled to be at home with my kids, I longed for an outlet. As a result, I opened an Etsy shop and it was the perfect solution!

Beth Pierce said...

I think if you do what makes you happy, you will always be successful! Grow in ways that make you happy! Gardening, cooking, drawing, etc. As long as you keep moving, you will blossom!

Joanna said...

I agree with all of this, it's important to keep pursuing your passion even if you become a mom. I understand though that it might be very hard, as a newborn children needs all the mother's attention for the first years of life.