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5 ways to be SunSmart in the Aussie Summer

best face sunscreen australia

Aussie Summers are beautiful: time to spend with the family and friends, beaches, pools, laughs, kids giggling, splashing and just having the best time of our life but at the same time these beautiful moments, if we do not protect our skin properly, could be the cause of skin cancer in the future.
Do you know two in three Aussies will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime? 
I know it’s scary but protection means prevention and maximizing our chances not to develop skin cancer. We can still enjoy the hot days but we have to improve our sun protection habits, being SunSmart at all times. 

5 Ways to Protect Ourselves from Skin Cancer: 

Step 1: Slip on protective clothing
Step 2: Slop on SPF30+ sunscreen
Step 3: Slap on a broad brimmed hat
Step 4: Seek shade
Step 5: Slide on sunglasses
five ways to protect yourself from skin cancer

Cancer Council Sun Protection Products: 

Do you know the Cancer Council have a complete range of high quality hats, apparel, sunglasses and sunscreens with the necessary sun protection for the Australian way of life? 

I have always seen the Cancer Council Sunscreens in most pharmacies but I didn’t know they have a very diverse range of products to protect our skin from the sun. So, I had the opportunity to put my hands on some of their products and here are my impressions: 

australian cancer council SunSmart Collection

Kids Sunglasses 

Seriously my favorite product, they are super cute and comfy. My girls wanted to wear them immediatly and they didn’t take them of, a win! 

Adult Sunglasses 

They have a great finish, you can tell they are high quality and the best part you know you have the right sun protection coverage and my puffy mummy eyes are thankful enough. 

best uv protection sunglasses

uv sunglasses australia


Pretty much you can find a sunscreen for every lifestyle, the range is very diverse but I have to mention as a mum I love the Face Day Wear Moisturiser, an ultra lightweight, hydrating sunscreen that has a matte finish, I wear this one every morning and I don’t have to worry about having an oily finish or a white colour shade on my face. 
best face sunscreen australia

Other great product is Sunscreen Sticks, it’s so easy to apply it in small areas without excess or mess. 
best zinc sunscreen australia

Stylish Hats: 

Their unisex Panama Hats are so impressive, the smart fit is perfect, we can adapt it so easily and they have sun protection.

sun protection hats australia

cancer council sun hats

These products are so good and the best part every purchase helps with cancer research and prevention and support services. Now you know every time your purchase something from the Cancer Council you know you are helping to protect our future. 

cancer council australia sunscreen review

To shop or buy online visit Cancer Council’s Online Shop. Find your local area Cancer Council Shop locations here

So, which product is your favourite? 


Sherianne said...

I have not done a good job of protecting myself in the past. I have a friend who is scheduled to have surgery to remove some spots on his face next week and am determined to protect myself moving forward. Great information.

SincerelyMissJ said...

Great post. Sunscreen is so important for everyone to help protect themselves. I am also loving your pictures.

Fatima D Torres said...

What a great idea to help protect the little ones during the summer months. Sunscreen is so important.

Preet said...

Such a great advice. Evryone is so excited for summer and we all need a sunscreen especially our kids.

Jasmine said...

I burn so easy, so sunscreen is a vital necessity. o many people don't understand how important it is