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The Perfect Swimsuit for Post-Pregnancy Bodies

As you must know every woman needs a black dress. Well, having a black classic flattering swimsuit is also a must-have for every woman and even more when you are a mum or mum to be. Today I am sharing with you the black swimsuit you need in your life. 

Let’s face it, pretty much when you become a mother your body totally changes, some of us never return to our bikini-ready body. Or even if you are very fit, when you have little kids, bikinis do not really work; kids pull your clothes down, you have to run after them, play with them in the sand, so you need something practical and stylish. And swimsuits are your best friend. 

During Pregnancy

I know many of us love to show our bumps at the beach. It is the perfect moment of our lives to show our curves and beautiful bellies, without a care in the world. 

I love how this Milk&Love swimsuit embraces your baby bump at the same time as taking care of the delicate skin of your bump, this swimsuit protects your skin against the aggressive UV rays and also if you have sensitive skin (I did during both of my pregnancies) this swimsuit is made from eco-friendly materials that not only guarantee it’s free from harmful chemicals but also takes care of the environment, helping to reduce landfill.

You know you are buying something good for your skin, the environment and for your curves, a win-win 😁.

During Breastfeeding/Post Partum

After giving birth, we need comfortable and stylish clothes, that help us feel hot again. Don’t say no to those beach/pool party invitations mama. This swimsuit will help you to feel radiant and gorgeous again. 

And if you are breastfeeding; this swimsuit will help you do this, easily and with discretion. The overlap across the bust opens simply with one hand, making nursing easy, comfortable and discreet, even if you have a toddler like mine that turns her head every minute to see what’s going on 🙈😁.

For mum life

As I said this swimsuit is for everyone women. I’ve been a lot happier at the beach wearing these bathers. They make me feel comfortable and stylish. I don’t need to care about pulling or cover anything. 

You can adjustable the straps, to change the style of this swimsuit, it can be detached or worn as a halter neck. 

Another great use is in the pool, my girls are in swimming lessons and because they are under five I have to get in with them. This swimsuit is fast-drying and chlorine-resistant, seeeeee ticks all the boxes 🤗.

No excuses

Ok, mama, stop hiding under your towels. Now, you know where to find this clever swimsuit with a flattering fit. No matter what season you are in, these bathers will get you off the hook in any occasion, always making you look fab. You can get this swimsuit by clicking here. And if you want to see more check out for more models available

You're welcome 😁


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