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How to make the goal “playing with my kids more often” an everyday reality


I was at home one morning telling my 5 year old, Beverly, that she has to hurry up to be able to get to the shops. She started asking me to play with her dolls -We can’t now, we have to go -I said- but then she asked me “Mum why are you so boring?” It hit me like a bucket of cold water. I asked her “What do you mean?” She answered -Mum we never do other things, it’s always the same. 
We went to the shops but I couldn’t stop thinking on what she said, I decided I had to change this and in this post I share with you how I changed our routines to make the time to play with my kids more often. 

Post Partum Depression

Suffering from PPD with my second daughter really affected the way I used to interact with my eldest daughter. Not only was I tired of being a mum of two, also my body and mind weren’t connected. I was tired all the time, without energy and without the willingness to do new things, exploring or even enjoying simple every day joys.

I knew all the benefits that playing has for my kids so I only ever made sure she had enough toys, games and attend playgroups often enough. But she needed me, she wanted to share her world with me, she wanted to explore it together. my eldest daughter, with out knowing has provided me key personal growth moments and she has been the best possible therapy I could ever ask for.

Wellness Mum Tip

From my personal experience I can say today playing with your kids not only teaches them so many things, it teaches us even more. 

So my advice is for you own Sanity and Wellbeing, please make the time to play with them every day. 

Tips: “how to make time to play with your kids every day”

  • Have a schedule, it is easier when you designate the exact time and amount of time every day for playing. 
  • Be realistic and stick to that, in my case I have decide to do craft every week day before dinner 
  • Prepare yourself, preparing in advance what activities you are going to do with your kids for the week, it will help you make sure that it happens 
  • Choose simple activities that won’t take that long and according to your kids age 
  • Choose activities that your kid likes, not what you like 

Ideas of things to play with your kids every day”

  • Craft (you can download things from the internet or get a subscription box) 
  • Cooking together (their favorite meals or have a taco/pizza night) 
  • Reading books together 
  • Singing or dancing together 
  • taking care of the garden 
  • Indoor games 
  • Play in the park 
  • Go to the pool together 

Here some examples of what we have been doing, you can see them everyday in my ig stories. 


Some accounts to get inspired by:

Hope you enjoy these ideas, remember the benefits are so great, we really relax and connect with our children and with ourselves. 

Share with us, in the comments below, the best ways in which this works for you.



Marysa said...

This is something I strive for as well, but I lose track of doing so between working and all the after school commitments that we have. This is a good reminder to MAKE the time.

Lisa said...

These are wonderful tips for every parent, not just mothers. The power of play is so important.

Lana Wariner said...

Those are good tips! I have been struggling with finding time to play with my kids for so long and at the end of my day I feel so guilty. I will try these tips.