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How to enjoy a High Tea at home


“Mamá can we have this tomorrow as well” my daughter said after we finished our first high tea at home. We absolutely loved having a tea party at home. Since then we have done it a few times. I totally encourage you to do it, in this post I am sharing the details of how I did this High Tea set up at our place and how you can do it at home. We don’t need a special date to do it. Any day could be a special occasion when you are next to your loved ones.


Enjoying cake and tea with your family all together in your own home is priceless. Seeing my daughters’ reaction motivated me to share this post and encourage you to invite friends and family for a tea party following these tips.

How to organize a High Tea at home?

high tea at home

1- Set a date and time for your high tea/tea party. It doesn’t have to be way in advance, casual spontaneous ones are the best (if it is only between you and the kiddos do it mid morning or mid afternoon).

2- Make sure you let your family know your plans so no body changes plans or goes and does something else.

3- Buy a pretty Tea collection. You have lots of options now on the market. Pick one and make sure to use it often. 

4- Home made as much as you can and the rest, get it from your local supermarket. Let’s be honest we love to eat not to bake or cook, so don’t stress. 

5- Add fresh flowers or balloons, a total win when you have little ones.


You can use your coffee table, cover it with a table-cloth, add some fresh flowers and sit around the table with cushions on the floor, it really makes for a relaxed vibe and it will feel like a different space even if it is in your living room.

high tea with kids at home

Here is a collage of our 4 high teas at home: I love the process of decorating, organizing and enjoying some beautiful time together at home. 
hight tea inspiration for aussie mums

Everything is better, with Tea and Cake, family and friends. Do you agree?

In this busy life we live, we totally deserve to stop and enjoy some quality time with the family. I am pro Mental Health. And it really makes such a difference when do something different that involves actually talking with our family, enjoying a nice together has a therapeutic effect in all of us. 

No matter what day it is, Stop! It’s Tea o’clock!. 

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